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Small changes7 November, 2010

Not unusual, but there's not a lot happening here. Some links have been updated if you're looking for some of my speaker designs, as well as a couple other tidbits, including photos from my late-summer vacation in France.

It's been too long. . .17 January, 2010

Way too long. The last formal update I made was in 1998 while casting about for a direction for my BFA Thesis show. The difficulty, of course, is that amidst all of the things life throws at you, there's not really that much to update. And I do User Interface development for websites every day for work - it begins to drag. Sure, there have been small updates - two additional photo galleries, each different. And as I've worked on projects here and there, those each get their own update. Almost nothing shared among the supporting cast - even different javascript libraries for different pages.

Were this a site I expected to see substantial traffic, this would be a deplorable state - the wasted bandwidth! My old portfolio is just that - old, and perhaps it is thus forgiveable. With the galleries, loading all the image thumbnails (I hate galleries where I can't scan through all the images quickly using that boring standby, basic default browser scrolling) takes so much more time than anything else, does it matter? Most visitors looking at one of my Audio projects link directly and don't care about much else that's here, so again. . .

Today marks the beginning of the end of all that. I'll be attempting to wrestle this place into shape and stick to the basics: semantic markup, imparting some sense of design with CSS and a light touch on any graphics, and unobtrusive (if present) javascript. Progressive enhancement - the basic, most boring possible option still works, still lets you dig around and discover the great depths of nothing much that exists here, but some pretty nifty, hopefully useful, and sometimes slick additional tweaks to make it look good and function well.

Of course, even with the array of browsers now available, they don't all play well together. If it's not perfect in your browser of choice, try another. The most recent offerings from your favorite browser vendor works best, but even still they're not all perfect - as I write this I've found a couple odd puzzles to work on, a few in IE8, one in Opera, and one Firefox. I don't currently have the older IE versions running at home (well, I do somewhere, but that machine isn't on my desk at the moment), and I can't wait to see just how messy things look there - guaranteed to be less than intended.

There is still much work to be done here - most of the Audio projects are not yet documented here fully, but before I get to those, I need to update my résumé.

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