Italy 2006

all images copyright 2006 CJD

So, this is going to take a while to load up, so go grab a glass of wine and sit back, relax. . .

1153 photos snapped, 1136 of them here - the rest are either needing work or entirely hopeless. I will be working to clean this up and organize this gallery better in the near future, not to mention starting the process of going through the photos and tweaking.

If you want a print of one, let me know and I will put together an appropriate file to send to a print shop. If you want a signed print of any, I can work that out as well. More details on all this later.

Also, please keep in mind copyright restrictions - no commercial use without specific permission, and if you wish to use any one your own website please ask and let me know where.

A cleaned up group photo now available! 4x6 version 5x7 version (300dpi) - should be good to send to a photo printer. I have found Walgreens and Target do a great job locally most places. Costco is also reported to do a good job. I suggest right-clicking and save-as for these. If you want a different size let me know.